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Rockhampton And District
Amateur Radio Club
  We plan on moving to Brisbane area in the near future and I have the following ham gear that I no longer use and would like to sell it.

Telex Hy-Gain vertical antennae model Onmi DX-88 all band 40 to 10 meters.
2 element 20 meter home made beam
DSE 2 meter commander transceiver
DSE 2 VHF watt meter
Function Generator
Frequency Meter, home made, works to 144Mcs
HP 1707B dual trace CRO
HP 1741A dual trace CRO
2 lengths of 2 inch ? light duty galv pipe suitable for masts.
Yaesu FT 757 GX II HF transceiver
Yaesu FC 700 antennae tuner
Power supply for above.

Contact Reg Hoare VK4RJ