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Hodson's Range Repeater
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Last weekend 23rd and 24th May the Hodson's Range Repeater 146.925 and 438.500 and APRS was put into life again.

A DXpedition" to Peak Downs National Park Area set fourth. Base camp was set early Sat morning. Then amassive effort to cart 6 x 20kg batteries, 2 solar panels, 4 rigs , 2 aerials lowerable and coax up the hill
normally accessible by helicopter.
Steve VK4SMW & wife Helen, Roy VK4RM, Clive VK4ACC, John VK4AHB, George VK4AJL, Tony VK4HOG and Alex were among the team

Helen kept camp and catered food for the climbers.

Saturday was spent taking all the hardware to the top of the range.
It was a back breaking 2 hour climb to the top. 20kg battery in each back pack was no easy task to carry.
One swag of radios actually fell down the side of the mountain and had to be rescued.

With all the gear at the top of the 600m hill, all returned to base camp exhausted.

Sunday morning early four climbers went up with Steve to install the new repeater gear.
All went well and about 3pm all the repeaters were in action.
All people involved should recover after a few days of rest!

A job well done! A massive effort!

This repeater site is linked to the CHARC system covering Rockhampton, Springsure, Dysart , the coal fields, Sarina , MacKay, to Aerlie beach.

Could be the biggest repeater link up in Australia. All run by a hand full of dedicated operators.
Regards Clive Sait VK4ACC

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