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Rockhampton And District
Amateur Radio Club
Internet Radio Linking Project
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Link to 6973 VK4RAR Rockhampton QLD Australia 146.700

Link to IRLP net


IRLP link generously hosted by CQNET KMart Plaza Rockhampton The IRLP uses a Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) streaming software called Speak Freely. Speak Freely is very similar to other VoIP software packages (such as Microsoft NetMeeting and VocalTec Iphone) with one difference... It runs under Linux.

Jim Wilson VK4HJD
Local Rockhampton IRLP Node 6973

Some DOs and DON'Ts with IRLP Operation
pause between transmissions to let other in or others to enter DTMF command.
DO identify before sending DTMF command tones.
DO hold your microphone PTT for about 1 second before talking to allow all systems time to rise.
DO pause for 10 seconds or when entering the reflector before talking.
DO NOT rag-chew on your local repeater while connected to the reflector.
DO NOT start or plan a Net without pre-authorization from the reflector owner

  IRLP and Echolink service on RADAR CLUB VHF REPEATER VK4RAR 146.700 Mhz at ROCKHAMPTON

Both IRLP and Echolink are on the 146.700 MHz 2m VK4RAR club repeater. Jim VK4HJD has set up an IRLP in Gladstone City also.

Commands apply to Rockhampton IRLP node 6973 and Gladstone IRLP node 6246
To connect to IRLP simply dial the IRLP node number while transmitting into the repeater.
To connect to echolink dial 0# then the echolink number.
To disconnect from both IRLP and echolink dial 73
To check the status of the node press #0 (this will tell you if we are connected or not etc)
For the current time press #2 for UTC press #3
For more information on our local node look at the nodes website
When away from home and using echolink Rocky VK4RAR 2M Repeater number is 108959 For more info on echolink
For IRLP node info and listing of node numbers

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