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Rockhampton And District
Amateur Radio Club
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Mike VK4LMB presents a gift to Jacky
Doug VK4DUG Wally VK4AIV
Leigh VK4YLW

Clairview Mayday Weekend 2004

The fun fund raising weekend between the Mackay and Rockhampton Radio Clubs was very big this year.

VK4AIV Wal the auctioneer nearly collapsed from exhaustion and had to stop and have a refresher during proceedings.
About 30-40 attended coming from Mackay Club, Rocky Radar Club , VK4MAR from Noosa , and even 3 from Central Highlands Club ( Tieri, Dysart and Springsure.)

A fishing club was in attendance and they joined in buying equipment they knew nothing about or have never seen before.

What would a fisherman want with a couple of Morse keys?
For travellers a temporary 70 cm repeater was installed on the local hill at Clairview for the weekend as a WICEN exercise.

IRLP linked Mackay and Rocky 2m repeaters.
Jacky and Leigh our Clairview Resort mangers and hosts were presented by Rocky Club president Mike VK4LMB with a thank u award and a gift thanking them for looking after us over the years. They also donated a solid hardwood polished table and chairs for the clubs to dispose of for funds.

They are about to leave the Clairview Resort as mangers and move on.
We were concerned that attendance was dropping off because last year there was not very much treasure to auction.
We need not have worried! The place was full of used treasure to dispose of!
We thank John VK4JWG for his help in measuring aerial continuity via the wet lick method. Thanks John for being a good sport and the fun and entertainment.

The place was full of used treasure and one of the largest crowds for years attended.
I have some photos of the weekend. Please advise if u wish to receive them by e-mail or not. They are about 60kb each and I have about a dozen to show.

Please advise if u do not wish to receive these pictures . They will be shown at the next RADAR CLUB general meeting.
73 and Cheers All
Clive Sait VK4ACC

Eddie VK4JEM
Jim VK4HJD looks for a bargan in the Auction items
Wally VK4AIV
Temporary Portable Repeater
Mary VK4PZ & Leigh VK4YLW
Jim VK4HJD, Leigh VK4YLW, Gordon VK4GM & Don VK4BY