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RADAR Club visits Bundaberg Amateur Radio Club - Hodson's Range Repeater

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70cm repeater
At the last club meeting it was decided to leave a 91.5 Tone access to the uplink to this repeater due to interference problems. Repeater Tx 438.225 - Rx 433.225 with subaudible tone 91.5 Hz.

Amateur Radio Pactor & Packet Group

I started this specialist group on the 28th Jan, in the first week we got 43 members and 60 msgs posted to the group.
Appointed Demetre Valaris - SV1UY as a moderator to help out, he is very knowledgeable in Digital Modes and a big asset to our group. VK4JRC

The group has a Sked page at: SKED

Which was kindly done by Sholto Fisher KE7HPV



RADARC meets on the third Wednesday of each month, at SES headquarters. The building is located in Charles St, North Rockhampton. Meetings are conducted at 7:30pm, and usually finish around 9pm. Everyone is very welcome to them, so why not come along and have a little fun? Clive VK4ACC and John VK4AJS are on the council as WIAQ representitives


To keep you well informed, the RADAR Club is dedicated to helping the Amateur Radio operators in the areas surrounding Rockhampton, which is located about 650km north of Brisbane, QLD's capital.

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RADAR CLUB President VK4JRC presents
Winner Glen Holborow VK4TGH of Gladstone with his new FT-1802
Ticket sold by the Dalby Club

Rig was donated by President Jack VK4JRC
If other members wish to have their Email address on this site contact Webmaster
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