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Rockhampton And District
Amateur Radio Club
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Ernest Hocking VK1LK has been licensed since 1981 when he held the callsign G4LKV. Ernie has been a member of the VK1 division committee shortly after arriving in Australia in 1997. Ernie became the WIA Federal president in 2000. Ernie's amateur radio interests are in the areas of homebrew, QRP and CW. Ernie spent his early career in the British Army working in a number of roles including R Signals. Since 1990 Ernie has worked in the IT industry where he specialises in IT security and IT management. Ernie currently works as a consultant on a range of assignments for a local Canberra company known as "Think Plan Perform":

Michael Owen VK3KI has been licensed for over 40 years, has been a member of the VK3 Division Council, and its Federal Councillor. He became a member of the Federal Executive, and was Federal President at the time the federal body was incorporated, having been largely responsible for writing the constitution. He has been a WIA delegate to a number of Region 3 Conferences, and was a Director of Region 3 for many years. He was IARU Vice President for 10 years until 1999. He was the Chairman of the IARU committee responsible for formulating the global policy in respect of Article 25, the international regulations governing the amateur services. He represented the IARU at the Special Committee on Regulatory /Procedural Matters, Geneva, July 2 to 12, 2002. and was a member of the IARU WRC 2003 observer team, responsible for coordinating Article 25 matters. By profession he is a lawyer, until 1997 a partner in Corrs Chambers Westgarth, was resident partner in London for 6 years from 1988, and more recently has been General Counsel for Quiksilver.

Ewan McLeod is the President Wireless Institute of Australia Queensland Division and state coordinator and training officer for the Brisbane area WICEN Group. He has a keen interest in yachting. Some of his other activities include being an orchardist specialising in tropical and rare fruits. His orchard is located in northern NSW. He is the Managing Director of Exair Corporation Pty Ltd an Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) and electronics design company providing support to industry and Defence. His qualifications include a Graduate Diploma Manufacturing Management and a Certificate of Engineering (Communications) Artificer Radio and Radar. His previous employment included the Department of Defence (Army)

Trevor Quick VK5ATQ licensed since 1962. Worked for Telstra in the technical areas installing PABX systems and also in the Engineering/management sectors including investment costs and returns in the range of network equipment. He is involved with Amateur Radio at the club scene, an exam invigilator, and as current President and Treasurer of the WIA SA & NT Division. He has a wealth of experience in the administrative world of Amateur Radio. His enjoyment with AR is the fun of home brewing, some CW and of course antenna construction. His greatest thrill is assisting new amateurs, and ensuring there is a foundation for new operators, modes and experiments in the field of Amateur Radio.

Ted Thrift VK2ARA has been licensed since 1962. Worked in the technical area of the PMG and Telstra since 1959. In later years served in many Management areas up to and including the National Management team for Commercial and Consumer Division. Key role in C&C was Business Analysis, Business Planning and Performance Reporting. For three years was a Core Team member in the interface between Telstra and ACA, focussed on National Customer Service Guarantee. Ted holds a Graduate Certificate in Management and has now retired after 41 years on the Job.

Philip Wait VK2DKN born in 1951, completed a Traineeship with the Overseas Telecommunications Commission (OTC) and gained an Electronics and Communications Certificate. Worked at various OTC facilities including satellite and coastal radio installations around the country. Left OTC for a Technical Officer position at Sydney University Medical and later Electrical Engineering faculties. Started writing articles for ETI magazine and in 1978 moved over to the magazine full time as Projects Manager under the editorship of Roger Harrison. Became VK2DKN. Became involved in a start-up company, VitalCall, and together with a partner purchased the business in 1983. VitalCall developed into the major provider of Personal Response Systems (PRS) in Australia with offices in all Eastern States and exports to the USA and UK. The Vitalcall business was sold to Chubb Security Australia in 1999, however all product IP retained and continues to operate an SMD production facility at Penrith, NSW for the wider PRS market. Chairs several Standards Australia committees and has chaired the PRS industry association. Sailing has always been a strong interest, only occasionally on the air, mainly on 7070 marine or vehicle mobile.

Glenn Dunstan, VK4DU, is 43 years old and has held an AOCP since 1979. He served for 12 years in the Merchant Navy as a ship's Radio Officer, before coming ashore to a senior Government radio regulatory position based in Canberra. The duties of the position included audit and technical overview of the Australian marine Coast Radio Station Network.

Glenn now operates an engineering consultancy company, specialising in HF radio system design and project management.

Before his current appointment as the VK4 Federal Councillor, Glenn has served as the VK1 Division Federal Councillor and Vice President, and has been a member of the WIA/ACA liaison committee for three terms.

Glenn was the founding Chairman of the Australian Naval Amateur Radio Society.